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Greeny Bambus Bedding Set

ab 56,90 €
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● Fabric: 70 % Cotton - 30 % Bamboo
● Filling: 30 % Bamboo - 70 % Nanofiber
Wash cover only as per care instructions
● Each bedding set contains: 1 pillow and 1 comforter.
30 Days Trial, 2 Years Warranty

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Greeny Bambus Bedding Set
56,90 €
Cosmic Duvet Set
24,90 €
Milou Fitted Sheet
14,90 €
119,70 €

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Soft like a cloud, my baby loves it

good price

Pleasant material, good price/performance


The bedding set feels very fluffy and you sleep well in it.

soft and pure

The duvet and pillow are very soft. I am very satisfied with the quality and this is the second time I buy from Hibboux.

Do you have any questions?

For baby sets, the pillow dimensions are 35x40 cm, and the duvet measures 80x80 cm. For children's sets, the pillows are sized at 40x60 cm, and the duvets at 100x135 cm.

Your Little Hibboux bamboo comforter is machine washable at 30 degrees according to the provided guidelines. It's advisable to use the gentlest spin cycle and opt for air drying by hanging it out to dry.

The zippered outer cover of the Little Hibboux bamboo baby cushion can be machine washed at 30 degrees. This cover functions similarly to a mattress protector, safeguarding the baby cushion with its unique bamboo composition. Thus, washing the cover alone is adequate for cleaning the entire product. Regularly airing out the pillow's inner section is also advised for optimal freshness.

The product may be cleaned following the guidelines provided in the care instructions.

Our bamboo baby pillow is designed to support your baby comfortably in both back and side sleeping positions. Should you find the need to modify the pillow's height for a perfect fit, it's possible to adjust by taking out some of the filling through the zipped insert. It's advisable to retain the removed filling material. This allows for the option to reinsert it and elevate the pillow's height as your baby grows, ensuring the pillow evolves with your baby's development stages and remains usable from day one for an extended period.

Bamboo fibers, derived from bamboo trees, are a type of cellulosic fiber, meaning they originate from wood. These fibers have a relatively low tensile strength on their own. Yet, incorporating even a minimal amount into our products ensures they exhibit bamboo's distinctive characteristics. Therefore, to achieve the desired balance of softness and firmness in baby pillows, bamboo fibers are evenly blended with nanofibers and utilized in this enhanced form.

Nanofibers, which are technological fibers, have a texture akin to feathers but are manufactured without causing harm to animals or the environment. They are often blended with cellulose fibers like lyocell, with bamboo enhancing these fibers' attributes through its air permeability.

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